How to use the Email Template Editor

Our Email Template builder is designed to give you the most amount of control and make it as easy as possible to create a responsive html email.  We have created the notion of block or a section of your email you want to create.  You will have at a minimum a header block a footer block and a text block.  You can select one of our predefined HTML templates or just drag the block in to the editor.

We highly recommend you read and understand the section on "Working with Images".  We allow your email to be pixel perfect and you can edit your images right in our Editor.  Not all images can be used in all templates!  An image that is 2 by 3 will not display properly in a template that requires 3 by 2.  If they are smaller then our specifications they can pixelate and appear distorted.  If they are bigger the right side of your template may not be aligned.  The maximum width of a template is 600 pixels.  Of which we reserve 580 for an image.  There is a 10 pixel left and right border which you can change.

We also ask you to keep the sizes of your images as small as possible or "Right Sized".  Large image sizes increase our costs and will render slowly in your HTML emails while they are downloaded.