SMS Billing - Overages Charges

EmailsAndSurveys uses Twilio as our backend provider.  They are the industry leader in deliverability and will ensure you have a proper relationship with all the telecom providers.  This means there are costs to send an SMS to Twilio, the government and the telecoms.  Listed below will be an explanation on how overages changes can apply in large batch situations.

Pay as you Go 

For Pay as you Go, it is a straight 3 cents for SMS or 5 cents for MMS.  A SMS is defined at 1 text at 160 characters.  That means if you type of long SMS, which is supported and the character count is 320 characters, that will count as 2 SMS messages.

Monthly Billing

EmailsAndSurveys will determine the total cost of your month by the  total count of your SMS/MMS activity at a rate of 3 cents per SMS/5 cents per MMS and once you have eclipsed your monthly billing Rate,  if overages apply they will be billed at the Pay as you Go rate.