Maintain Contacts

Manually Add Members to Your Contacts Lists

There are 2 ways to create contacts in EmailsAndSurveys.  The easist way is to just create a New Group in the User Interface and manually create your contact list.  The green icon on the far left will create a new group.

The green icon in the middle of the page will add a new member.  You edit & remove groups and members with the pencil and trashcan icons.






Upload as a CSV or Supported Interface

EmailsAndSurveys also supports a number of different file formats including excel, Quickbook, Constant Contact, MailChimp and Quickbooks.  Click the black up arrow icon to get started.



In this example we will import a CSV.  So click the CSV icon. We highly recommend you download our sample format, it is available on this help page or in the import wizard.



The only required field is an Email Address or a Phone Number.  You will see there are 10 UDF fields or User Defined Fields in this spreadsheet.  3 have been set to Promo Item, Discount and Exp. Date. If you do NOT want to load UDFs you need to change the header to say UDF1, UDF2, UDF3 and remove the data.  



If your data passes the intergrity checks, you will be prompted for a data format for any dates that might be uploaded



Once you data is upladed, we will check for errors and give you one more chance to edit any data errors that might exist.  This form is editable



You can either upload to an existing group or create a new one and map your fields to our Contact List.



Once you have mapped all fields, you can click Import and Finsh



EmailsAndSurveys gives you the ability to see users that have usubscribed or became a bad email address.  Just click on the buttons you see below for usubscribed or bad email addresses.

EmailsAndSurveys highly recommends you periodically download or export your contacts down and back them up on your computers so you have them for safe keeping.  Accidents do happen.



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