Known Issues with the editor

The html editor is a complex piece of software.  It supports drag and drop and generates HTML that works on responsive email clients and Outlook clients.  We have gone to great lengths to make the editor robust and yet easy to use.  There are some known issues that can cause problems.

  1. A patch to a browser can affect how it performs.  We are always testing, but you should always use a modern browser like Google Chrome or Firefox.
  2. It is NOT supported to cut and paste text into a Text Block. However, if you do, just make sure you go back and re-enter any control characters such as ' " - % $ & and it should work fine.  If you send yourself a preview of the email, you will see the characters that did not translate.
  3. Using a grammer check such as Ginger and Grammerly can affect how the editor renders.  It will work, but you can see some movement in the block
  4. When you click into a block, it can have movement like a bulge, when you click in and out of the block
  5. If you apply multiple formats to text like centering, bold, change of color, you might need to do it in a specific order.  We have found to center it first and you can you change the appearance.
  6. You can not put an image inside of an HTML tables.  We recommend you use HTML tables sparingly as many older Outlook clients do not render them well.
  7. Always send yourself a preview of your email when you are done AND to a small select audience with different email clients.
  8. Make sure you are happy with how your template will render on a phone