How to Use the Editor (Video Transcript)

To ensure this video can be understood in any language, this support document will serve as the transcript so it can be translated into the language of your choice.

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  1. Once you have logged in to, navigate to the Create a New Email Campaign, by clicking Campaigns than Email Campaign.  This will launch our Campaign Wizard.
  2. Now click Add and give your Campaign a Name and select if this should be a text based email or a responsive HTML based email. 
  3. We are going to covert an existing template with lots of colors and images into
  4. has a number of predefined templates you can leverage, but to show all the capabilities, we will create a new template from the beginning.
  5. Once you have selected your template, you can pick which contact list you would like to use in this campaign.
  6. You will see our build pallette on the left. Lets take a look at how that works.
  7. The first step to a template is to set your defaults.  Background color, border font and font size, margin and padding.  Our templates are 600 pixels wide and the widest image we support is 580 pixels with 10 pixels of padding on the left and right margins.  We do support email templates that are "edge to edge" as well the ability to change the size of your images when needed.  As a general principal you do not need to be an expert in this area, but it helps to know the dimensions of your email template we are building.
  8. Next you will see the different block styles we provide, there are text text blocks, image blocks, social medial blocks and other style available.
  9. has a built in File Manager or your own repository for images.  You can associate your Cloud based file storage such as Google drive and Drop Box and source any images in these repositories in your email template.
  10. Next you will see easy access to any Surveys, Assessments, Forms or Landing Pages you have created.
  11. And finally, you can source any of the different social media platforms in your campaign.
  12. Now, lets go build the campaign, this template has the logo on the left, so lets get a block with the images on the left and text on the right.
  13. When you build your template think about breaking it up into different sections or blocks.  Most email templates will have 3.   A header block, a content block and a footer block.
  14. Roll your mouse over the icons and you will see the see the ability to change your block styles in "settings" and your content with "edit".  With in a block you can have 3 different styles.  A style for the image, a style for the text and a style for the block itself.  Take a look at all the different types of HTML formats you can  use.
  15. The editor will display how your template will look in real time.
  16. Now lets go create the next block with what we learned.  This block has a color so we will need to set that in 3 diferent places to ensure it display correctly.
  17. By clicking the edit image icon, we can take your straight to our editor for images.  This is a great tool to resize your images so they are pixel perfect.  This image is 40 pixels by 24 pixels which is small, so we dont need to resize it, but you have this ability if you need it.
  18. Now lets move to the next block.  This block has text on the top and the image on the bottom.  Lets grab our content, pick our image and set our block color properties. 
  19. This block also has a couple of buttons.  Lets put a button in the template, pick our color and set a website.
  20. We can see we have a padding issue.  The text is edge to edge and the image has padding on left and right.   Lets remove the padding.
  21. There now we have a beautiful template.  We just need to add our social media links now..
  22. Always make sure to do a preview of your email and do a small test run with a small group of a friendly audience first.
  23. And thats it. For more information on how to use take a look at other How To Videos posted on this channel