How to Use the Email Template Editor

Before you can create an Email Campaign, you first need to create an HTML page in the My Pages section of our website.  You can navigate there by clicking "MyDesktop"

Step 1

Give your campaign a name and select if this is a text based email or html email. All our html emails are responsive html by default.  Responsive email means you build one email template and it will render the same in a phone, device or email client.




Step 2

Select a template style, the lines will represent your text and the boxes are place holders for images.




Step 3

Select your group you would like to send an email too.  You can also select individual accounts. 




Step 4

Set your page defaults for HTML font, size, color, style  and margin.  These defaults will get inherited into each block.  Think of a block as a individual section of your email template, such as header,  main body and footer.

The pint outlook is just a visual presentation of the outline of your email.  It will not display as ping on your template.  If you set a color, that color will be used.




Step 5

If you are building your own template, you can drag a block into your email template.  There are text blocks, image blocks, a logo block, text/image blocks, social media blocks, footer footer and custom html blocks.

With in a block, there will be settings and styles you can set with in a block so you don't have to write any HTM!  And again, all HTML is responsive.  You can check how your email will render by clicking the phone, table, browser icons. 



To edit the contacts of the block you will see 5 icons the top 3 are moving the order the block, adding a new block and deleting a block.  The red pencil icon lets you edit the contents of your text block and the red wheel cog lets you set block properties such as borders and background.



The top 3 icons work the same way as a text block.  The red 3 icons on the left allow you edit your image right in our email designer to make sure your template is picture perfect!  You can replace the image and set your HTML links, image borders and background colors as well in the settings section.  We highly recommend you read the section on "Working with Images".  Images can be bigger then the size in the HTML but not smaller.  Your image will pixelete and appear distored. 



Step 6

At, you have full control over your email header.  We also recommend using a trusted domain and we have set up 4 that are ready to go.  If you would like to you use your domain, please follow the process to set up a trusted email domain.



Step 7

Before you can send your email, will performance SPAM analysis on your email.  Your header, subject and contect will get a score.  We also send a sample email to Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook to check to see if it goes to SPAM.

You will be presented with the result of your SPAM assessment.  This is NOT a guarantee that ALL email will not go to SPAM.  Violations add points to your SPAM score and as long is it is under 5, your email should go through.  These rules change frequently and there are hundreds of different devices that read email.  Your contacts may have software or security that moves all email to a SPAM folder until they are approved to be recieved.  It is always a good idea to have your contact create an Email Contact for the account you you send email from and optionally indicate for instances  to always "Trust email from", if that is possible.  Sending a text based email or an SMS to introduce youself to make sure your contacts have OPT IN to recieve emai, is also a good way to ensure you email lands in the Inbox.



Step 8

At this point you are ready to go!



Step 10

From the page you created your email campaign you can view reports on the statistics of your campaign by clicking REPORTS



Step 11

From your campaigns, click the report icon to access your reports