How To Video Upload CSV to EmailsAndSurveys

1. We recommend you download a sample data csv file to understand the file format.

2. We support up to 10 User Defined Fields (UDF). Each CSV MUST have the following column headers at minimum: Email, First Name, Last Name. Your import file 1st line should be header line that contains name of the field.

3. Once your file has been uploaded to our server a green check mark will appear with message “File Upload Completed”.

4. Click the “Process File” button and follow the wizard instructions to complete the process.

5. We support a maximum of 256MB file upload. If you have bigger then 256 MB file please contact us so we can discuss how you want to use our Services.

6.  Uploading large files can be time consuming and introduce alot of load on the site because we are encrypting and tokenizing your data.  You can break up your files into multiple uploads and load in the same group

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