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System and Security

  1. Our Database is Encrypted
  2.  We only allow client connections over SSL so your data is encrypted at rest and in flight
  3. We also tokenize your data and only our website can decrypt so even our internal employees do not have access to your data
  4. We are fully GDPR compliant to meet the EU Privacy Compliance Requirements
  5. The ability for members of a contact list to manage their communication preferenes.  They can opt in or opt out from an email or the website
  6. To prevent email harvesting, the ability for members of a contact list to search what contact lists they are members of for any of our customers
  7. Multi-Factor Authentication using SMS for logging in and resetting your password

Contact Management

  1. Free CRM included
  2. The ability to SMS any contact from the CRM
  3. The ability to make a voice call to a customer
  4. The ability to upload up to a Million Contacts.  We can support more, but that is what we have tested.
  5. The ability to create a contact list of 15 different fields up to 10 user defined fields (UDF) to customize your email.
  6. The ability to migrate an exported list from Constant Contact
  7. The ability to migrate an export list from Mail Chimp
  8. The ability to migrate a customer list from Quickbooks Online 
  9. The ability to segment your Group into different segments with AND/OR clauses
  10. The ability to identify missing and bad data in your CSV.
  11. The ability to correct your contact list after it is uploaded.
  12. The ability to load into groups and maintain multiple groups
  13. The ability to manage your communication preferences and opt in or opt out of a campaign
  14. The ability to opt back in to a campaign a user may of unsubscribed from
  15. The ability to create a web form with a dedicated URL so that users can subscribe to your contact list to build your customer base

Email Features

  1. The ability send a responsive HTML email in any langauge 
  2. The ability for your members to set their langauge preference 
  3. The ability to personalize a Subject Line
  4. Full A/B Testing with AI managed and unmangaged and we wll pick the winner for the best results of From Name, Email Address, Subject Line Or Template
  5. The ability to send email to an individual, group or segmented list
  6.  The ability to send a text or html email
  7. The ability to resend a campaign to those who did not open the email.
  8.  The ability to build an html email with a WSYWIG drag and drop editor.  It's GREAT!
  9. The ability to edit your images right in our editor
  10. The ability to send us your existing email template and we will hand code it properly to work with our engine
  11. Predefined common email templates
  12. Free Shopify Intergration
  13. The ability to set up a Trusted Domain to set the SPF and DKIM key to minimize SPAM
  14. The ability to use one of our four configured trusted domain email accounts, or your own personal email.
  15. Integrated with Spam Assassin to calculate a risk score of going to SPAM.  We will send a sample email to different email clients to see what has the potential to go to SPAM!
  16. The ability for a member to opt out of an email campaign and have it take place immediately

SMS Features

  1. The ability to send an SMS/MMS to an individual or group segmented group or individual
  2. SMS Conversations or Chat
  3. Capture replies to a SMS broadcast or Chat
  4. Forward an SMS replies to a personal cell phone number
  5. Long Texts or one SMS that are not broken up in 160 character parts
  6.  The ability to ability to embed a picture, video, form or survey
  7.  Built in Tiny URL service
  8. The ability to build a Text with a WSYWIG emulator
  9. The ability to source any field out of your Contact List
  10. SMS Polls, of course using our same great suveys engine we have with Emails
  11. The ability for a member to STOP a SMS campaign
  12. The ability to schedule your SMS campaign

Online Web Forms

  1. The ability to create an online form with zero coding that you can attach to a Survey, Assessment, Email or your website to harvest data that is important to you.
  2. The ability to generate leads or create a follow up for one of your customers

Survey Features

  1. The ability to customize your survey with a logo and use your look and feel.  And it's free!  We do not charge more for features!
  2. The ability to associate demographic questions into your Survey
  3. The ability to create a survey with 6 different types of Question Types.  Multi-Answer.  One Answer. Open Answer and others
  4. Support for Matrix Survey questions typically seen in Employee Surveys. Answers on the top and Questions on the left
  5. The ability to set a Question Logic Flow so the questions will change based on a previous answer
  6. The ability to change the order of your Survey
  7. The ability to have a simple survey embeded a survey with Online Forms to give your contextual information and keep the design of your surveys easier to manage.
  8. The ability to restrict by geographic area on who can respond.  Right now its by Country.  Tell us what you are looking for!
  9. The ability to embed our survey on your Website
  10. The ability to embed a survey in an Email Blast
  11. Team Reporting
  12. What if Reporting.  The ability to report or view all survey responses in the context of any question or answer.


  1. The ability to create an assessment or cutomized response to a Survey.
  2. Different model supported for how customized your answers can be, including the ability to have a 100% unique response for every possible answer.
  3. Display the results with powerful visual graphic dials in a Summary and Detail Report
  4. The ability to create your own sections or categories
  5. Plus all the features of Surveys listed above.

Free Social Media Posting & Analytics

  1. The ability to post or schedule a Socia Media Post to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn
  2. The ability to get Analytics on what post was linked, commented on or forwarded


  1. Full reporting with graphical interface for the following items
  2. The ability to understand if an email was successfully sent
  3. The ability to understand if an email was successfully received
  4. The ability to report on if an email was opened
  5. The ability to report with demographics, how people responded to your survey

Coming Soon

  1. Zoom meetings
  2. Automation, Drip Campaigns and Auto Responders for Email & SMS
  3. Next Generation Surveys and Forms

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